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Production Machining
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  Production Capabilities
Design & Modular Fixture Concept
Inspection Process
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production machining


production machining


production machining



















Since 1975, Jerl Machine has experience in providing full service metal working and precision machining for a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing customers.

With a focus on lean manufacturing, Jerl Machine employs modular fixture design concepts which results in the rapid and efficient production of parts in an economical manner.

Major machining products include spindles, shafts, gears, pump housings, natural gas cylinders, connecting rods, gear boxes and weldments.

  • Low and High Volume
  • Part Family – High Product Mix low Volume
  • Precision ~ Tight Tolerances
  • 100% In-Process Inspection
  • Part Kitting
  • Packaging
  • Modular Fixture Design reduces lead time and improves flexibility
  • Order Tracking and Scheduling
  • Program Management

Production Capabilities

  • CNC Capabilities
  • Small Batch Repeat & Continuous Flow
  • Part Family – Process Focused

Design & Modular Fixture Concept

  • MasterCAM Solid Modeling
  • Employ Modular Concepts to incorporate accuracy and flexibility
  • Lean Concepts

Inspection Process

ISO 9001 Certified, we believe continuous improvement and a common sense approach to process control are the key ingredients to superior quality. At Jerl Machine, we value quality from order entry through shipment.

Jerl Machine believes quality is built in the process. Our toolmakers pride themselves in making sure each dimension they have machined conforms to print tolerances, and are required to sign off on their operation prior to advancing it to the next work station.

Significant investments in gauging, high end tooling, fixtures, and equipment allow us to provide repeatability and reproducibility at a cost effective price.

In Process Inspection Forms

  • Print-ciritcal features are stamped “F” for feature to be inspected
  • Standard In Process Inspection Form used
  • State of the art technology
  • Inspection per automotive specifications









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