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Jerl Machine has over 25 years of experience in providing a wide variety of major assemblies, repairs and rebuilds, and individual machined components for the elevator industry. We offer complete program management capabilities that include stocking programs, part kitting and barcoding. Jerl is equipped to handle contract machining needs, breakdowns, rebuilds and spare parts needs.

Motor & Roller Guide Adapters

  • Motor Adapters
    • Plate kits with hardware
    • Couplings / Inserts
    • Part kits with barcoding
  • Roller Guide Plate Adapters
    • Stock over 200 part numbers
    • Industry standard and custom plates available
    • Short lead times (7 – 10 days)
    • Stocking programs available
  • Couplings & Hardware
  • Rope Gripper, Bedplate, Overhead Weldments & Complete Assemblies

Governor Rebuilds & Encoder Kits

Jerl Machine has the capability to completely rebuild to OEM specifications including testing and warrantied as new. Our process is to disassemble, inspect, recommend required spare parts, reassemble, test and paint.

  • B22 – B5 – V16 Rebuild Program
    • Complete to OEM Specification
    • Optional – with Encoder Kits
    • All rebuilds set and tested per customer specification
    • Short lead times - typically within one week of order
  • Governor Components
    • Sheaves & Jaws
    • Shafts and bearings

Sheaves & Sprockets

Jerl Machine has extensive experience in the manufacture of all types of sheaves, sprockets, shafts, bearings, and related components to meet your needs.

  • Geared & Gearless Sheave Assemblies
    • Castings ~ weldments ~ burnouts ~ foam patterns
    • Sheave grooving
    • Complete new and rebuild sheaves (shafts and bearings included)
  • Escalator Head Shaft Assemblies
    • Escalator sprockets
    • Bull gears available
    • Split for ease of assembly

Emergency Response

Jerl Machine handles a variety of breakdown repairs related to the elevator industry. Whether it is an escalator, elevator component, or major sub-assembly, we can respond with technical assistance rapidly and help solve your problem. We can sleeve, weld, chrome and grind, as well as make components new from weldments or raw materials.

  • Emergency Response
    • 3,000 Elevator Parts and Assemblies
    • Disassemble ~ Diagnose ~ Estimate ~ Rapid Response
    • Reverse engineering
    • Short lead times
  • Multiple Components
    • Sheave and shaft rework
    • Regroove sheaves
    • Headshaft assemblies
    • Armature assemblies
    • Gearbox repairs
  • Material Solutions
    • Machine weldments
    • Machine large and small castings – up to 18,000 lbs.
    • Sheet metal brackets
    • Stock castings
    • Raw Stock – burnouts ~ plate ~ solid stock ~ all materials available





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